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Avoid Heart Disease: Keeping the Blood Moving!

February 8, 2010

I’ve been thinking about some ways to keep myself and my family healthy—ways that don’t sound like so much work, or like a chore. Between my family history and my husband’s, I think it’s really important not only to make sure we make being healthy our habit, but also that we teach our kids the habits of a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid Heart Disease with Healthy LivingIf it’s automatic, then I know I won’t have to worry about my college kid putting on Freshman weight in the dorms. I can rest assured that my teenager is more likely to grab a fruit or vegetable as a snack then something fast and fatty, and that my pre-teen’s mood swings might be reduced because she’s not likely to be riding the highs and lows of refined and processed sugars.

It occurred to me that all boils down to simple, familiar phrases, like “keep the blood moving!” In that one little phrase, it tells my husband to get off the couch and get active, or to skip the high-cholesterol fast foods on the way home and eat healthy home-cooked food. That reminds me—I found this cookbook of healthy appetizers that makes my family feel less deprived. You can download it for free!

Knowing the loss of a beloved family member, knowing the sadness that a heart has stopped beating just because of a series of small but poor choices, makes me passionate about sharing simple steps for heart health. And now the American Heart Association has put together some great information in their campaign “Life’s Simple 7 – Seven simple steps to live better.”

Eating healthy food (especially) with loved ones, or playing and dancing and being active (with friends and family) are some of the choices that make us feel alive. Living life to the fullest, by keeping our blood moving and our hearts beating, is the best way to enjoy our health!