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Men and Heart Health in Their 30s

April 14, 2010

Continuing our look at men’s heart health at any age, we come to the 30’s, where increasing responsibilities in career and perhaps also family at this stage of life can be taxing.

Men's Heart HealthIt may take some creative planning to maintain a heart healthy lifestyle when you’re investing long hours in the pursuit of career goals. You might think that putting off all else in pursuit of greater future security will pay off, but it’s best to work towards always living a balanced life.

Often during this decade, hypertension (high blood pressure) and lipid (cholesterol) abnormalities begin to manifest themselves. So it’s especially important to keep up a good diet and exercise, which will also help with keeping stress levels low. It’s also important to schedule regular checkups with your doctor so any problems can be diagnosed early and treated, if needed.

Healthy eating habits are tested in the midst of a busy life. You may be tempted to skip breakfast, grab a quick lunch (instead of a healthy lunch), snack too much, and eat too much at dinner. Or maybe trips to convenient fast food places will begin to take the place of healthy balanced meals. It’s important during your thirties to maintain healthy eating habits and, if you’ve got kids, to pass those habits along to your family. Your kids will learn that healthy meals served at the family dinner table are what is normal and to be expected, and in the process, you can teach them about good nutrition.

Though you may find it increasingly difficult to carve out time for physical exercise, don’t give up on your running, workouts, or sports activities, even if you have to wake up a little earlier or hit the gym during lunch hour. Incorporate some of your exercise with family time and share the healthy habit!

And don’t smoke, or give it up if you do. It’s really bad for your heart!