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Heart Health: Rules for the Food Game - Part III

May 10, 2010

Penalties and playbooks are what we’re looking into in part three of the food game!

Kids Heart HealthThe American Heart Association has a great way for kids to learn the difference between the fats we eat. They’ve made them into cartoon characters, with interactive web pages that encourage kids to Meet the Fats and get to know their effects on their heart health.

Sure, you’ve heard of them. You’ve probably spotted them on nutrition labels. You may have even read up on them. But how well do you really know the fats? Here’s your chance to get better acquainted with the Fats family. Like any family, the Fats share some common traits. For example, they all give your body energy and they all have 9 calories per gram. But some fats are better than others. Find out what The Bad Fats Brothers, Sat and Trans, and the Better Fats Sisters, Mon and Poly are like, where they hang out, and how much you want them as your friends.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be sure to understand the penalties of eating certain foods and the benefits that come with others. Then you can dive into the playbook... it’s what some call a cookbook.

The AHA has a 36-page special edition of the Healthy Recipes Kids Love magazine cookbook. These American Heart Association recipes make cooking and eating at home fun and easy for the whole family, with 20 kid-tested and kid-approved recipes, tips and health information.

You can also get the Healthy Family Meals cookbook. These 150 all-new, family-focused recipes will help you forget about “kid food” and “adult food”, and instead focus on healthy food for the whole family. Geared to the nutritional needs and tastes of all ages, American Heart Association helps you create meals that will appeal to every member of the family—and are good for them, too.