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Incorporating More Activity Into Your Days for Heart Health

June 10, 2010

The American Heart Association offers a list of tips to work some more physical activity into your daily life, not just for general health and well-being, but also to reduce risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Here are some of my family’s favorites, based on the AHA’s list:

At home:

  • Take a walk after a meal – it’s helps us not feel so full after eating, and helps us extend the family time to chat a bit more.
  • House and yard work – Yep, not only are calories burned while just keeping up with our home’s maintenance, but it offers yet more time away from sedentary, non-interactive activities like TV or computer work. Instead, we talk, listen to music and dance around, and save money while doing it!
  • While watching TV – rather than just sitting there, especially during commercials, we have exercise equipment to keep us busy. It’s easy to keep a sit up mat, a jump rope and some weights nearby, and an exercise bike and/or cross trainer in the room. It’s amazing how quickly exercise time flies when our minds are entertained!

Out and About:

  • Heart Health  ActivityPark far away – Let the people with aches and pains take the closer spots, while we appreciate the ability to move freely. Plus, there’s rarely a wait to park in the far away spots.
  • Get off the ride early – when using public transport, we get off a few blocks early and walk a bit more.
  • Take the stairs – Skip the elevator and take the stairs. If there’s an escalator, climb them rather than just riding.
  • Experience nature – Check out the parks and recreational areas in your neighborhood. Not only are they usually inexpensive entertainment, but being outside and enjoying fresh air, sunshine and the day turning to night helps us to sleep better!