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Aerobic Exercise Reduces Risk Cardiovascular Disease

September 21, 2010

MedicineNet.com has an extensive article on the Aerobic Exercise that you should definitely check out, but we wanted to share just a few pertinent highlights with you—like the number of health benefits of aerobic exercise. They include:

  •      aerobic exercise for heart healthCardiovascular disease
  •      Cancer prevention
  •      Cancer treatment 
  •      Osteoporosis
  •      Depression
  •      Diabetes
  •      Obesity and weight control
  •      Cognitive function 

Aerobic exercise is vigorous and sustained exercise, such as jogging, swimming, cycling or...well…aerobics!

In regards to cardiovascular disease, the list of studies that show that aerobic exercise prevents or reduces the occurrence of cardiovascular disease is long, but one of the most important is one of the earliest. In a study of more than 13,000 men and women, it was shown that the least fit individuals had much higher rates of cardiovascular disease than fit individuals—in some cases, the risk was twice as high.

Aerobic exercise works in many ways to prevent heart disease; two of the most important are by reducing blood pressure and allowing blood vessels to be more compliant-–meaning less stiff and less likely to accumulate fat and clog vessels. Results like these have been proven over and over again.

Research is clear that physically active men and women have about a 30%-40% reduction in the risk of developing colon cancer and that physically active women have about a 20%-30% reduction in risk of breast cancer compared with inactive women. And there's some good news for people undergoing cancer treatment—regular exercise reduced fatigue, depression and anxiety in cancer patients.

Heart healthy exercise may increase bone density or at least slow the rate of decrease in both men and women, and three to five days per week for 12 weeks of biking or treadmill for approximately 30 minutes per workout reduced scores on a depression questionnaire by 47%! Aerobic exercise can also help you lose weight and improve insulin resistance which helps with diabetes.

So go work out now!