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Have a Heart Healthy and Stress-Free Thanksgiving

November 26, 2014

ThanksgivingThanksgiving is quickly approaching and making smart choices can make all the difference in staying healthy this holiday season.  

Start with these tips to help you plan a heart healthy and stress-free Thanksgiving celebration that will leave you feeling good in body, mind and spirit, from planning through to clean-up.

  • Remember what you are thankful for- Keep in mind what the holiday is about, and stay focused on what you’re thankful for—your family, friends, and staying healthy, above all else. Don’t let yourself get caught up in things that don't really matter.
  • Get some exercise to reduce stress- As you prepare for a long weekend of traveling, entertaining guests or getting the house ready, taking walks and making sure you’re moving your body will help keep stress in check. Stepping away from the project at hand is actually good for you, and getting in some exercise outside will help refresh your enthusiasm for the season.
  • Eat healthy and plan healthy- Knowing you have a big, delicious feast coming up, you can plan to eat light and a healthy diet in preparation. That way, you won’t feel so guilty when you do get to enjoy some special dishes and desserts!   

  • Plan ahead for cleaning fun- What might make the clean-up portion more fun for you?  Great music?  Good wine? All-natural gourmet chocolates? Make sure you include them on your shopping list!

Need help coming up with your Thanksgiving menu? Check out our free holiday cookbook for healthy eating recipes!