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Small Changes for a Healthy Life

March 8, 2011

Caring.com’s article Weight Loss After 40 suggests making slow, realistic changes to your lifestyle in order to see positive improvements in your heart health and keep them up.

Small changes to your lifestyleLet's say you want to lose ten pounds. To do so right now, you'd have to eat nothing at all for about 2 weeks, or jog for 51 hours, or walk for 126 hours. Not only would it be impossible, attempts like those would send your body into starvation-mode metabolic slowdown, sabotaging your efforts.

But you could also, much more effectively, set out to lose one to two pounds a week for the next five to ten weeks. Remind yourself that you are the only one in charge of tuning up your metabolic engine. Decide whether you prefer to focus your energies on cutting down the number of calories you're consuming, or on upping the number you're burning. Most likely, you'll strike a balance between the two that suits you. If adding three half-hour walks a week is relatively painless for you, that's a good choice. If going outdoors in ten-degree weather is singularly unappealing and you wouldn't be caught dead in a gym, then focus on dietary changes instead.

Your primary goal should be making small, gradual healthy life changes that you can incorporate into your daily routine and stick with over time. That's the ultimate secret to combating over-40 weight gain.

Fit Woman.com suggests these 7 tips to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally:

  • Get Real  
  • Get Committed
  • Give Up “Shoulds”
  • Get Assertive
  • Reward Yourself
  • Remind Yourself
  • Seek Support

Small Changes for Health is a program that aims to get everyone on the right track to living a healthy lifestyle by focusing on small, health-related behaviors for one week. It’s similar to The American Heart Association’s Simple Seven.  

Keeping active and eating well are the most basic ways to keep your heart and body healthy!