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Be Part of the Healthy Food Revolution

April 21, 2011

Jamie Oliver, impassioned British chef, Emmy winning TV personality and best-selling author, has joined with the American Heart Association to empower kids and their families to eat healthier. How? By teaching communities to cook! Both Jamie and the AHA share a common goal: to fight obesity and improve the health of children, families and communities.

Family heart healthFood Revolution is a six-part Emmy-award winning TV series that features world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver inspiring kids and their families to eat healthier in the heart of LA. The AHA is working with Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation to open Food Revolution Kitchens that teach people how cooking can be fun, affordable, and healthy.

Together, the American Heart Association and the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation have a goal to open at least five Food Revolution Kitchens within the next 18 months, with plans being developed in New York, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Chicago, Baltimore and Dallas.

Research indicates that teaching parents basic home cooking skills can have a long-term impact on how families eat. These simple changes at home can translate into increased consumer demand for fresh food, replacing the low-nutrient, high-calorie foods, beverages and snacks that may lead to obesity.

The Food Revolution Kitchen program is one of several action-driven, prevention initiatives from the American Heart Association to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans.

Host your own “Family Food Revolution” and cook a healthy meal with family and friends while tuning into Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show on ABC. The American Heart Association has put together an activity and discussion guide to help you make your viewing party a fun and educational “cooking in” experience with your family and friends. Don't forget to post pictures and share your stories on their Facebook page!

Check the listings for your area and plan to join in the healthy fun!