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Sayings to Keep Your Heart Healthy and Happy

July 20, 2011

The fact that we have so many ways to express our feelings as “from the heart” shows that we know how important it is to keep our hearts happy, and how central the heart is to our being. Here are some idioms that we can keep in mind and live by. When you keep your heart healthy and happy, you can live a good, long, fulfilling life! 

  1. Heart Sayings to boost heart healthafter someone's own heart - that suits or pleases someone perfectly
  2. at heart - in one's innermost or hidden nature; secretly or fundamentally
  3. by heart - Learned by rote; memorized word for word.
  4. do (one's) heart good - To lift one's spirits; make one happy.
  5. from (the bottom of) one's heart - very sincerely or deeply
  6. have a heart - to be kind, sympathetic, generous, etc.
  7. have one's heart in the right place - to be well-intentioned or well-meaning
  8. in one's heart of hearts - in one's innermost nature or deepest feelings; fundamentally
  9. set someone's heart at rest - to cause someone to set aside doubts, fears, or worries
  10. set one's heart on - to have a fixed desire for; long for
  11. take heart - to have more courage or confidence; cheer up
  12. with all one's heart - with complete sincerity, devotion, very willingly; with pleasure

Here are a few more sayings that may seem like clichés, but they’re used often because they have the ring of truth in them:

  • wear your heart on your sleeve
  • have heart-to-heart talks
  • have a heart of gold
  • do things to one's heart's content
  • find it in one's heart
  • change of heart
  • follow your heart
  • you gotta have heart
  • home is where the heart is