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A Heart Attack can Happen to Perfectly Healthy People

September 8, 2011

According to renowned cardiologist and author Arthur Agatston, heart attacks can suddenly occur in people who seem to be perfectly healthy. In an article published in EverydayHealth.com, he said that he had come across a number of people who suffered from heart attacks shortly after they had passed their physical exams, and the cause of these sudden heart attacks is diseased arteries.

Risk of heart attacks after passing stress testAgatston went on to explain that a normal stress test only detects the condition of blood flow in the body on the day the test is conducted. However, a stress test does not reveal the presence of potentially fatal soft plaques that are growing in the coronary arteries. These plaques can rupture anytime and cause a heart attack. The condition of blood flow can change in a short period of time, and therefore, passing a stress test does not mean that a person will not suffer from a heart attack in the days or weeks that follow.

In the past, cardiologists did not have access to diagnostic tests that can detect arterial problems accurately. Even though such tests are available today, not many people are getting their arteries examined. By undergoing the proper noninvasive tests, you can know sooner if your arteries are in a good condition, and you can seek prompt peripheral intervention to treat any arterial condition that exists. This will ensure that you will not get sudden heart attacks, provided that you are not already suffering from some form of heart disease.

North Ohio Heart has the most advanced peripheral vascular ultrasound tests. These noninvasive tests use ultrasound or Doppler to examine your arteries and veins, and they provide very accurate results. They are available in NOH locations such as Lorain, Elyria, Medina, Middleburg Heights, Westlake and Sandusky.