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Have a Heart Healthy Christmas

December 19, 2011

Christmas promises a lot of fun and excitement, but it also comes with certain health risks. Research has revealed that a higher number of heart attacks occur in the months of December and January compared to other times of the year. All the planning, errands, and sumptuous meals can take a toll on your heart health, and you have to take the necessary measures to stay heart healthy this Christmas.

Get Active

Dance calories away for heart health during the holiday seasonsKeeping yourself active this holiday season can help you lose some weight and maintain optimal heart health. Take a stroll after every meal or dance away some calories at a Christmas party.

Avoid High-Fat Foods

It may be difficult to make healthy food choices during Christmas time, but you can try to include as many nutritional dishes as possible in your meals. Examples of healthy dishes include vegetable sticks and low-fat yoghurt, sandwiches with low-fat fillings, or vegetables with low-fat cheese.

Limit Consumption of Salt

The recommended intake of salt for adults is about one teaspoon a day, and therefore, you should reduce your consumption of foods that contain high amounts of salt, such as salted nuts, crisps, and other nibbles.

Eat More Fruits

Fruits make excellent snacks anytime of the day. Make sure that you do not go to work or a party hungry, because you will most likely end up eating more than you should. Instead, have a fruit or fruit smoothie before you set off.

Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol

It is natural for people to consume alcoholic beverages during the holiday season, but try not to overdo it. The recommended amounts of alcohol for men and women are 3 to 4 units per day for men and 2 to 3 units per day for women.

Chill Out

Making plans for Christmas can be a stressful experience, and it can cause your heart health to deteriorate. Take some time to do some relaxing activities, such as taking a stroll in the park and going out with your friends.