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Make New Year’s Resolutions to Stay Heart Healthy

January 4, 2012

If your efforts to stay heart healthy last year had failed, it is time to evaluate your objectives and methods. One of the reasons why many people fail to lead a healthy lifestyle is because they only focus on the short-term. Meeting short-term goals can only help you achieve better heart health temporarily. Once you revert to your old lifestyle, your health will start to deteriorate again.

Starting this year, you should set long-term goals that will help you stay heart healthy for the rest of your life.

Reduce Stress

Stress is a major contributor to heart disease, and it can cause you to pick up habits that are detrimental to your health, such as smoking and drinking. In order to reduce stress, you need to identify the things that make you feel stressed and try to find ways to change those things. Deep breathing, exercise, and focused imagery are some of the effective ways to get rid of stress.

Get More Exercise

create long term goals like exercising for heart healthExercise is not only good for your heart; it can also improve your overall health. Choose an aerobic activity that you enjoy doing, which can be walking, cycling, or swimming. These activities are repetitive and rhythmic, and they can get your heart beating and muscles moving. Just do enough exercise to break a sweat and raise your heart rate, not until you run out of breath. Make a point to exercise at the same time every day, so that it will become a part of your daily life.

Quit Smoking

If you are a habitual smoker, it is advisable that you try to stop smoking this year. Smoking can do serious damage to your health, and it is one of the major causes of heart disease. You can ask your doctor to recommend some effective methods for eliminating smoking addiction.