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Calcium Pills Can Double the Risk of Heart Attack

June 18, 2012

Millions of people take calcium pills every day but they are unaware that these pills may be detrimental to their heart health.

calcium pills could increase risk of heart attacksIn a study that was recently published in the journal Heart, German and Swiss researchers discovered that calcium supplements may double the risk of heart attack. The study involved the observation of 24,000 Germans who are middle-aged and old-aged for a total of 11 years, and it showed that calcium supplements raised annual heart attack risk from approximately one in 700 to one in 350 people.

However, the researchers’ findings are in conflict with the advice given by the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, which suggests that consumption of 1,500 mg or less of calcium pills is unlikely to result in any harm. The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence also recommends the supplements for women who are suffering from osteoporosis, that is, if they do not receive sufficient calcium from their daily diets. Nonetheless, several other recent studies suggested that it may be true that calcium supplements can contribute to an increased risk of heart attack, including a University of Auckland study.

Dr. Claire Bowring from UK’s National Osteoporosis Society said that people have to exercise caution if they want to take calcium supplements, and those who can get enough calcium from their diets have no need to take them.

She also advises people who are suffering from heart disease or at risk of heart attack to consult a doctor before taking calcium supplements.

If you need advice on calcium supplements and their effects on heart health, you can consult one of our doctors.

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