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Top Myths about Exercise Debunked - Part 1

August 7, 2012

Before you start an exercise program, you have to make sure that all the exercise tips and advice that you have gathered are reliable and accurate. Here are the most common exercise myths and the reasons why they are not true:

Myth 1: Longer exercise at lower intensity burns more fat.

exercise program mythsFact: The effectiveness of a physical activity in reducing body fat is determined by the number of calories it can burn, not the percentage of energy that is derived from fat. If you exercise at a higher level of intensity, you will burn more calories every minute.

Myth 2: Going to the gym is the most effective way to get fit.

Fact: While trendy exercise facilities and programs are becoming more popular, the best exercise program for you is one that you can stick to consistently.

Myth 3: Spot reduction works.

Fact: To find out the truth about spot reduction, researchers conducted a study on a tennis player. They proposed that if the tennis player’s playing arm has considerably less fat than his inactive arm, it means that spot reduction works. By measuring skinfold thickness, they found that both the active and inactive arms have the same fat deposition.

Myth 4: If you are not working out hard and often, you are just wasting your time.

Fact: Any amount of exercise is better than no exercise. For instance, doing light physical activities such as walking or gardening for just an hour a week can lower the risk of heart disease.

We will discuss more exercise myths in our next post.

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