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Top Myths about Exercise Debunked - Part 2

August 9, 2012

Misconceptions about exercise can ruin your efforts to achieve a fit and healthy body. In this post, we will discuss several other myths about exercise, so that you can incorporate the right ideas and concepts in your exercise program.

Myth 5: If you work out long and hard enough, you will surely achieve the results you desire.

exercise myths factsFact: Different people respond differently to exercise. This is because we have different genetic make-ups. Your development of strength, endurance, and speed may not be the same as that of someone else, even if both of you follow the same program with the same intensity and frequency.

Myth 6: Strength training cannot help you lose weight; it will only bulk you up.

Fact: Strength training is effective in maintaining muscle mass and reducing body fat percentage, and therefore, it can help you lose weight. Bulking up is usually not an unintentional process, because it requires high caloric intake, heavy weightlifting, and supplementation.

Myth 7: You can lose as much weight as you want through exercise alone.

Fact: Although it is an important part of your weight loss program, exercise alone will not help you achieve your ideal weight. There are other factors that can contribute significantly to weight loss, including a healthy diet, lifestyle habits, and genetics.  

Myth 8: Yoga is a safe and gentle exercise.

Fact: There are many different styles of yoga, and some of them can be very physically and mentally demanding. Before you join a yoga class, you should talk to the instructor to find out which class is most suitable for you based on your health status and fitness level.