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Job Stress May Raise Heart Attack Risk in Women

August 10, 2012

Women who have a stressful job may be more vulnerable to heart attack, says a new study. Subjects of the study who rated their job stress as “high” had a 67% greater chance of experiencing a heart attack and 38% higher chance of developing stroke and hypertension, compared to those who said that their job stress was “low”.

stress at work causes heart attack increase in womenPublished on the 18th of July in the scientific journal PLoS ONE, the study was based on data collected by the Women’s Health Study, which involved the observation of over 22,000 American female health professionals over a 10-year period.

The researchers found that even women who claimed that they had much control over their jobs experienced high levels of stress and elevated health risks. This is in contrary to the results of previous studies, which showed that having a high level of control could reduce stress to a greater extent.

According to lead researcher Dr. Michelle Albert, a cardiologist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, having control over one’s job usually means that someone has reached a position of authority, and the health risks that were seen in women who had achieved such a position may be a result of increased pressure to perform. Additionally, the study revealed that job security did not have a significant impact on the risk of heart disease or heart attack.

Stress can be a contributing factor to heart disease, and you have to make the necessary effort to reduce stress if you want to stay heart healthy. You can find out how you can get rid of stress by reading some of these stress management tips.

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