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Tips for Choosing the Right Cardiologist - Part 2

August 16, 2012

In our last post, we offered some valuable advice on how to find the right cardiologist. We will continue to share several more tips today.

Finding a Suitable Heart Specialist

choosing the right cardiologistIt is essential that you have a primary healthcare provider with whom you can consult about your overall health. Another benefit of having such a doctor is that he or she can refer you to a reliable cardiologist. Your general practitioner has a good understanding of your medical problem and history, as well as your personality and preferences, and therefore, he or she will know which cardiologist is most suitable for you. After helping you select a cardiologist, your primary healthcare provider will send him or her all the necessary information about you. If you need a heart specialist who can perform procedures, make sure you choose someone who has adequate experience.

Getting a Second Opinion

If you feel uncomfortable with the way your cardiologist interacts with you or doubtful about his or her recommended treatment methods, you should not hesitate to seek a second opinion. This is especially necessary if the practices that are recommended by him or her are too risky or expensive, or you are unsure why you need them. Different heart specialists may give different recommendations, even if they are equally experienced and reputable. It is usually a good idea to get different viewpoints.


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