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Visible Aging Signs May Be Linked to Heart Trouble

December 10, 2012

A recent study found that people who have visible signs of aging may be at a higher risk of experiencing heart problems.

visible signs of aging linked to heart diseaseThe results of the study, which were presented at an American Heart Association conference in Los Angeles, were based on the observation of nearly 11,000 people who were 40 years old and above. Subjects who had three or four signs of aging were 57% more susceptible to heart attack and 39% more vulnerable to heart disease than those who did not.

Some of the signs of aging that were cited included baldness at the top of the head, receding hairline around the temples, fatty deposits around the eyelids, and earlobe creases.

Senior author of the study, Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen from the University of Copenhagen, said that visible aging signs show a person’s biological or physiological age, and not his or her chronological age.

During the course of the study, which lasted for 35 years, 1,708 of the subjects had a heart attack and 3,401 developed heart disease. Each additional aging sign raised the risk of heart attack and heart disease, and the strongest predictor was fatty deposits around the eyes. The subjects who were most vulnerable to heart problems were those who had several aging signs and those who were in their 70s.

According to the American Heart Association, signs of aging, whether individually or combined, predicted heart disease and heart attack independent of common risk factors.

Tybjaerg-Hansen added that every doctor should look for visible signs of aging when they perform physical examination on their patients.

If you have visible signs of aging, it is advisable that you contact our cardiologists. Our doctors can help you assess your risk of heart disease and heart attack, and recommend an appropriate treatment method if necessary.