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Get a Sports Physical Before You Start to Play

April 15, 2013

We offer personalized sports medicine to keep you on the right track as you engage in physical activities that can enhance your quality of life. We offer comprehensive sports physicals to evaluate you for injury and pre-existing conditions before you begin to play. Get checked out before you start athletic activities and you may be able to avoid some injuries.

sports physicalAnd we offer a number of services to help you stay fit to engage in the athletic activities that you enjoy such as: exercise physiology, behavioral sports psychology, treatment of sports specific injuries as well as treatment for musculoskeletal injuries. We can also help with diet and nutrition to make certain that what you are taking in will enhance and not take away from your athletic ability.

Athletes use their muscles and their bodies in ways that non-athletes do not. Starting out with a sports physical is a good way to prevent injury. With knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, Ohio Medical Group’s family physicians can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses your body may experience in connection to specific sports and athletic activities. And the sports medicine team at Ohio Medical Group does not limit themselves to top athletes: they provide treatment for all types of active people from the weekend warrior to school aged athletes.

Even if you are certain that you or your children are fit and healthy, you would do well to get some medical advice before beginning to play on a team or starting an exercise regimen. The team at the Ohio Medicine Group can provide you with an exercise prescription that includes formal written guidelines for the type, frequency, duration and intensity of exercise that will be most beneficial to you.

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