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Online Tools for Improving Heart Health

April 23, 2013

Since many of us spend a good deal of our time online these days, the American College of Cardiology decided one way to reach more people about the importance of heart health would be through the internet, so they started CardioSmart.org. This "patient education and empowerment initiative" wants to "help individuals prevent, treat and manage cardiovascular disease." You can join for free and once you do, you will get news and health information that is tailored to your needs, set health goals and keep up with your progress and you will earn points that are redeemable in the CardioSmart store—in fact you will get 100 points just for signing up.


Online Tools for heart healthOn the homepage under the word "Understand", you will see that the site offers a comprehensive glossary that allows you to browse a number of topics related to heart health so you can be informed about your condition, a test you are being asked to take or about the medication you take.

There is also a video glossary that covers important topics—a useful tool if you prefer to get your health information by watching and listening. You can learn about the different types of fat or see a demonstration of how you can take your blood pressure at home.


While the American College of Cardiology knows that a website is a great way to reach a number of people, they have not forgotten the importance of personal connections. CardioSmart offers several ways for you to connect on a personal level with others who are in similar situations.  When you click "Connect with Others" near the top of the homepage, you will have the option of looking for places that offer Community Peer Support to you can meet local people like you, read Personal Stories to feel inspired and see how other handle cardiovascular disease, or participate in Discussion Forums to chat with others about preventing and managing heart disease.

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