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Will TVs Monitor Heart Rate in the Future?

July 11, 2013

Fox News reports that in the near future, your television could monitor your heart health: "Starting this fall, Microsoft’s Kinect will have biometric sensors that monitor the heart rate and perspiration of gamers."

tv setKinect is a gaming system that involves physical activities such as dancing so its creators might want to include a heart rate component so players can make sure they are okay to play. Although you probably play at your own risk, they would not want anyone to overexert him or herself or fall out while using this gaming system. However, Fox News also reports that researchers at MIT predict that even regular televisions could be equipped to monitor heartbeats and alert someone to potential problems with his or her cardiovascular health.

We are not certain just how televisions and gaming systems will be able to help people monitor heart rate but for some people this may be just what they need to start to pay more attention to their overall health. After a person gets an alert from such a device, he or she would still need to follow that warning up with a visit to a primary care physical or cardiologist to get more guidance. Machines that monitor health at home may very well be a part of what we can expect in the future but we will still need to rely on the expertise of medical professionals.

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