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Eating Breakfast is Good for Your Heart Health

August 29, 2013

Forbes.com asks, "Why is Skipping Breakfast So Bad For Our Heart Health?" and this may be a question that you have never considered.

healthy breakfastThe word "breakfast" literally means "breaking the fast" and refers to the fast you have been on as you slept during the night. The article discusses how not eating breakfast has been linked to a number of health issues, including carrying extra pounds and having high blood pressure. These health issues are not necessary connected to the fact that some of us will eat more later to compensate.

Instead, the article concludes:

“There seems to be something else at play. The short answer may be that skipping the early meal keeps your body in the stressful state of fasting for longer, which can disrupt your metabolism in considerable and, apparently, life-threatening, ways."

Harvard spent 16 years studying the morning eating habits of male healthcare professionals who were at least 45 years old and found that those who skipped breakfast were "…27% more likely to experience heart attack or to die as the result of coronary heart disease." Researchers did look at other factors in the study participants' lives, such as marital status, alcohol consumption, BMI, smoking habits and sleep habits, and still found that skipping breakfast was connected to a higher risk of heart-related health concerns.

For those that think that breakfast is nonessential, this study suggests that making a habit of eating breakfast can be beneficial to heart health. However, there was one caveat: the study did not focus on what participants ate for breakfast but it makes sense to say that the more nutritious the breakfast, the better it is for your overall health.

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