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12 Healthier Holiday Desserts

December 13, 2016

Often, the best part of a holiday meal is the dessert—but it also tends to be the least healthy part. And while it’s perfectly fine to indulge in a treat from time to time, plenty of holiday desserts are both delicious and healthy. So why not try something new this holiday season?

We have a few ideas to help you plan your menus. With these tasty treats, your guests won’t even know they’re secretly eating a healthy option. Try these 12 healthier holiday desserts.

1. Ginger angel food cake

Angel food cake is already known for being a light dessert option, but this ginger flavor makes it perfect for the holidays.

2. Roasted grape and pear kuchen

This traditional German holiday cake embraces the sweetness of roasted fruits.

3. Whole-wheat sugar cookies

Using whole-wheat flour makes these cookies more nutritionally dense than your typical sugar cookie—and they’ll still be fun for the whole family to decorate.

4. Chocolate truffle cheesecake

Though cheesecake is usually packed with fatty cream cheese, this recipe substitutes low-fat cottage cheese.

5. No sugar added date-nut snowballs

With just a few ingredients and no baking required, this pop-able dessert is as quick and healthy as it gets.

6. Baked pears

Baking pears brings out their natural sweetness. Once baked, you can top them with ice cream for a dessert that tastes way more decadent than it is.

7. Spiced pumpkin cookies

Full of fall flavor, this recipe for pumpkin cookies doesn’t even need butter to be delicious.

8. Pumpkin pie

Speaking of pumpkin, it wouldn’t be the holidays without the most famous of Thanksgiving pies.

9. Baked apple fritters

By baking your fritters instead of deep frying, you can enjoy a treat for only 214 calories.

10. Cranberry orange trifle

Trifles are the perfect option for a lightened up dessert that isn’t light on flavor. With fruit, cake and cream topping—how can you go wrong?

11. Bread pudding with salted caramel sauce

This slimmed down bread pudding uses low-fat dairy ingredients and minimal sugar.

12. Thumbprint cookies

These holiday classics boast a short ingredient list and only 87 calories per cookie. You can even customize the flavor with your favorite jam.

With so many tasty healthy options, you may not even miss the butter and sugar-packed desserts you’re used to seeing around the holidays. Maybe you can have your cake and eat it, too.

For more holiday-inspired recipes, download our free cookbook.