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5 Gift Basket Ideas for Health-Conscious People

December 17, 2019

The holiday season is underway and we oftentimes have trouble coming up with new and inventive gift ideas for our loved ones. If a family member or friend is very health-conscious or setting goals to live a healthier lifestyle in the future, here are some gifts you can put together for a healthy gift basket.

1. Healthy, Meal Prep Food Service Subscription

If your gift recipient leads a busy lifestyle and feels like they never have time to grocery shop for healthy items or cook healthy meals, a meal subscription makes a great gift. Many of the popular meal subscription services offer gift cards, so you can decide how much you’d like to contribute to your recipient’s meals.

If you need some guidance, here’s a list of the best meal kit delivery services to try and why.

2. Meditation App Subscription

Not only are you giving the gift of peace of mind, but you are also giving the gift of improved heart health. The less your loved one’s stress, the healthier they will become. In fact, here’s what excessive stress can do to your heart.

Different meditation apps offer monthly and yearly subscriptions, so you can feel good knowing that this element in your gift basket will last well into the future. Check out these popular meditation apps from this past year, including Headspace and Calm.

3. Healthy Snacks

The holidays are a time when everyone loves to munch on treats and eat a ton of comfort food. Provide your gift basket recipient with healthy snacks they can indulge in, so they’ll feel less guilty when the New Year arrives.

The American Heart Association shares these recommendations:

  • Fresh fruits like apples and pears
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Rice cakes
  • Whole-grain crackers
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Almond butter

Check out some of our favorite heart-healthy snacks here.

4. Fitness Tracker

Add a fitness tracker to your gift basket to show your loved one just how much you care about their health-conscious journey. Fitness trackers can monitor heart rate, steps taken throughout the day, sleep activity and more. Fitness tracker data is easily read on apps via smartphone, and they can provide information and help the user set goals to achieve a healthier life.

There are several fitness trackers to choose from to best fit your gift recipient — from those who are just beginning their health-conscious journey to seasoned athletes and health gurus. Gain insight into what your loved one is comfortable with and what goals they’d like to set forth, then choose the appropriate fitness tracker.

5. Water Bottle

With so many reusable water bottles on the market, why continue to contribute to plastic consumption? If you and your gift recipient are passionate about the environment and are looking to support one another’s healthy lifestyles, invest in a water bottle they’ll need with them at all times.

Drinking more water throughout the day will not only keep your loved one hydrated, but it promotes a healthier life and even a reduced risk of a heart attack. USA Today shares their list of the best water bottles this year, from the best for outdoor activities to the best value.

Any of the gifts listed above make great elements to a health-conscious gift basket. In today’s world, where everyone wants to live healthier but can’t seem to find the time to implement healthier habits, let a loved one know you support them.

Download our free guide to physical activity to learn more about how the busiest people in our lives can lead a healthier lifestyle.

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