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5 School Nights, 5 Easy Heart-Healthy Meals

October 15, 2014

heart_healthy_mealWith your children back in school, you’re likely facing the challenge of having less and less time to prepare healthy and wholesome meals. Luckily, feeding your family well doesn’t have to be time-consuming. With some quality ingredients and a little planning ahead, you can have a heart-healthy meal on the table every night without spending more than 30 minutes in the kitchen.  

Sometimes the hardest part is just deciding what to make. That’s why we’ve lined up a week’s worth of dinner plans to please your whole family.  

Monday: Shrimp and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Stir-fries are hugely versatile and come together quickly while only dirtying one pan. While restaurant versions are typically doused in oil and salt, this lightened up version is better for your body without sacrificing flavor. Swap shrimp for chicken or add in different vegetables to customize it to your family’s preferences.  

Tuesday: Quick Chicken Chili

Though some chili recipes will have your pot simmering on the stove for hours, this one comes together in just 20 minutes and comes with a stamp of approval from the American Heart Association.  To save even more cooking time, you can prep and chop some ingredients ahead of time or make a double batch to keep in your freezer for easy reheating.  

Wednesday: Baja Fish Tacos

By using heart-healthy fish, these tacos create a kid-friendly weeknight meal that is lower in saturated fat than your traditional ground beef tacos. They’ll still get the fun of assembling their own taco, but with ingredients you can feel good about serving.  

Thursday: Pasta with Watercress, Cherry Tomatoes and Feta

Pasta is the ultimate kid-pleaser, but you don’t have to always settle on spaghetti with marinara sauce. Change things up with this farfalle dish that’s bulked up with the healthy additions of watercress and tomatoes. Can’t find watercress in your supermarket? Try arugula or spinach.  

Friday: Personal Portobello Mushroom “Pizzas”

Your kids will love having their own personal pizza so much they won’t even miss the traditional pizza crust. This recipe is quick and easy for the end of the week, thanks to pre-seasoned ground turkey. It can be made even faster if you have a favorite healthy pizza sauce. These pizzas are also easily customizable for your picky eaters.  

Since we all have our favorite weeknight staples, feel free to share your best tried and true recipes in the comments section below. And for more tips on quick and easy healthy eating, download our free guide, “5 Steps to Eating Healthy.”

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