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5 Superfoods for Blood Sugar

April 27, 2017

superfoods for blood sugarIn recent years, many people have hopped on the health bandwagon. People fell in love with avocados and kale all at once, and there seems to be growing enthusiasm for whole grains and juices. So which foods work with a prediabetic/diabetic diet? It depends on your individual diet, but these superfoods can enhance the effects of insulin and help you manage your blood sugar overall.

1. Beans

So much more than a children’s joke, beans may produce some gas, but these little vegetables do have magical properties. Beans of any variety (black, pinto, cannellini, navy) slowly raise blood sugar. They are high in protein and fiber, with a third of your daily intake in a ½ cup of beans. And they are low on the glycemic index. It is recommended that you eat low-sodium or dried beans to reduce sodium consumption.

2. Olive Oil

Mediterranean diets rich in olive oil may hold the key to reduce the stresses of diabetes. Olive oil has been known to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as raise insulin levels. Using olive oil in a salad with spinach and beans is a recipe for progress.

3. Spinach

Rich in magnesium, potassium and zinc, spinach is healthy all around and has been shown to reduce your risk of diabetes. Consumers who ate one serving of spinach or other leafy greens every day reduced their risk of diabetes by 14%. Another bonus: Spinach and its leafy green cousins are low in carbohydrates and have few calories.

4. Sweet Potatoes

These vegetables are a good replacement for regular potatoes if you’re searching for a healthy side. They are rich in vitamin A, low on the glycemic index like beans, and contain low carbohydrates.

5. Oranges

Low in carbohydrates and calories and low on the glycemic index, oranges are also a great source of vitamin C. Try infusing your water with oranges or making a low-sodium meal using oranges with chicken.

It’s important to listen to your body and take care of it, and you can start with these superfoods for blood sugar. Be sure to do more digging and ask your doctor to help you put together a meal plan for your prediabetic or diabetic lifestyle. If you have any questions about managing your blood sugar, talk with your doctor. 

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