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5 Tasty Fall Vegetables to Try

November 16, 2016

Fall Veg.jpgEven though the summer produce season has come to an end, there are still plenty of delicious fall vegetables you can add to your grocery list to keep up healthy habits all year. While the veggies on this list may not get as much universal love as summer favorites—like corn and tomatoes—you may be surprised how many tasty options are in season during the fall months.

Add these fall vegetables to your meal plan this week for a seasonal treat.

1. Brussels sprouts

They may get a bad rap as every kid’s least favorite vegetable, but Brussels sprouts are actually quite delicious when prepared correctly. These tiny cabbages thrive in cooler temperatures, making them the perfect side dish for your fall menus. They’re also packed full of fiber, vitamin K and folate, giving them cancer-fighting properties.

How to prepare: Trim the ends and slice the sprouts in half or quarters, drizzle with olive oil and your seasonings of choice, then roast in the oven until crispy.

2. Turnips

These root vegetables aren’t nearly as popular as their potato cousins, but they are equally as versatile. Both the starchy root and the leafy greens are edible and both are packed full of vitamins and nutrients; the roots are an excellent source of vitamin C and turnip greens are great for heart health and tissue growth.

How to prepare: Try turnip roots sliced and roasted like “fries” or as a potato substitute in a turnip “mash.” As for turnip greens, you can sauté them like you would any other popular green, just be mindful that they cook quickly.

3. Squashes

Butternut, delicata and acorn squashes all shine in the fall. All three are great sources of vitamin A and C and can be prepared in a number of ways. While butternut squash may be the most popular, delicata and acorn squash have similar flavor profiles—and are equally delicious.

How to prepare: Cube and roast in the oven or add to soups for a hearty fall flavor.

4. Parsnips

Similar to carrots, parsnips have their peak harvest in late fall and are packed with vitamin C and potassium. Just make sure you get them while you can—once they’re out of season, this white root veggie can be difficult to find.

How to prepare: You can prepare parsnips any way you would also prepare carrots, but they’re especially good sliced and roasted like “fries” or pureed into a mash.

5. Beets

Though beets are available all year, they are typically at their tastiest during the fall months. The purple variety is the most popular, but you can also find golden, white and multicolored beets. And don’t throw away the tops when you’re preparing them—beet greens are actually the healthiest part of this vegetable.

How to prepare: Enjoy beets cubed raw in a salad or lightly steamed as a side dish.

With this list of delicious and nutritious fall vegetables, you won’t miss summer produce at all. Looking ahead to the holidays? Download our free holiday-inspired cookbook.

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