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5 Ways Technology Can Help You Take Control of Your Health

April 30, 2014

female runner smartphoneManaging your health can sometimes feel like a full-time job: eat this, don’t eat that, exercise this much, don’t get too much of this, make sure you get enough of that. Needless to say—it can be exhausting. Luckily we live in a world where there are technology tips and tricks to make just about any challenging aspect of your life easier, and your health is no exception.

Here are five ways technology can enable you to take your health into your own hands:

  1. Access information. Thanks to the wealth of information online, it’s now easier than ever to find out answers to your health questions and concerns. While you should always be skeptical of information you find online (and it’s no substitute for talking to your doctor), staying educated can help prepare you to live your healthiest life.
  2. Get active. Having trouble finding motivation to exercise? Start small with a basic fitness tracker, like a pedometer, and begin your new exercise regime by going on short walks every day. Some fitness trackers, like the FitBit, even have a community element that allows you to compete with your friends.
  3. Track your nutrition. There are tons of free sites with extensive food databases that make tracking the nutrition of your meals easy and accessible. By knowing exactly where you stand in your daily nutrition, you can make smarter dietary choices that nourish your body. Check out SparkPeople, MyFitnessPal, or LoseIt!
  4. Be your own advocate. Taking an active role in managing your health is as easy as signing in with North Ohio Heart | Ohio Medical Group’s FollowMyHealth portal. You can make appointments, view your information and communicate with your doctor all from one easy-to-use location that can be accessed from your computer, smart phone, tablet or other device.
  5. Get text reminders. You have a lot to keep track of, so let your doctor’s office do the work of reminding you when you need to schedule an appointment or reminding you when one is upcoming. Once you are registered for the FollowMyHealth portal you can request to receive text message reminders and never forget another appointment.

Ready to take control of your health today? Click here and follow the instructions to activate your FollowMyHealth portal today.

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