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Download Our Summer Safety Survival Guide

June 12, 2013

SunflowerAs you prepare for warmer weather, getting tips on what to wear, where to vacation, along with the best (and hopefully heart healthy) recipes to cook this summer, the doctors at North Ohio Heart and Ohio Medical Group want to provide you with some other useful information that can do more than help you have a good time—this information might save your life. Our free Summer Safety Survival Guide offers tips to keep you and your family safe this summer. While summer offers many opportunities to spend quality time with your family outdoors, it also brings certain safety hazards unique to the season. And you need not be worried; you just need to be prepared so that you can enjoy this time of year to the fullest.

You can download our Summer Safety Survival Guide via our website and feel free to pass this link on to family and friends. It includes our six survival tips to keep you & your family safe this summer:

Survival Tip 1: Avoiding heat-related illnesses

Survival Tip 2: The Importance of Staying Hydrated

Survival Tip 3: Reducing the Risk of Sunburn & Treatment Options

Survival Tip 4: Knowing Your Pool Safety Essentials

Survival Tip 5: Staying Safe During Boating

Survival Tip 6: Understanding Bicycle Rights

We want to help ensure that you stay safe and healthy throughout the summer. Even if you feel certain that you know all you need to know to have a safe summer, a few more reminders really won’t hurt. All of us have had close calls when we got excited about all the fun we were going to have and neglected to address a safety issue. Summer is so much more fun when you are prepared because then you can truly let go and enjoy all the benefits of the season.

photo credit: Claudio.Ar