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How to Stay Healthy on Halloween

October 22, 2019

A lot of people wonder how to stay healthy during Halloween, especially when it comes to kids. It’s right around the corner and each year brings creative new costumes, trick-or-treating and fun with family and friends. Are you and your kids already drooling at the thought of candy? We know you’re eating the treats that are placed in the discard pile — you can’t trick us there! 

We understand if your family has a sweet tooth around this time of year. We’re here to help guide you in making healthier choices on October 31. Whether it’s healthy snacking or exercise, here’s how to stay healthy on Halloween, and we can assure you that it will still be a blast.

4 Healthy Halloween Snacks

The easiest way to convince your kids that healthier snacks are the way to go on Halloween? Make it an interactive activity with family and friends! Here are four healthy Halloween snack ideas to get you started:

  • Monster Teeth: The combination of apples and peanut butter always makes for a delicious treat. Not to mention, sneaking in some yogurt-covered berries as your “monster teeth,” can get the kiddos to go wild with their monster smiles. Find the recipe, here.
  • Fruity Ghosts and Pumpkins: Since Halloween falls on a school day this year, give your kids a head start to get in the spirit. Pack a healthy, Halloween-themed snack that will excite them for trick-or-treat activities later in the day. Place chocolate chips onto a banana to create your ghost and stick some celery into a tangerine or clementine for a pumpkin surprise. See the recipe and steps, here.
  • Spider Sandwiches: Sounds not-so-appetizing, but in the spirit of Halloween, we’re all for it. Before you and your family head out for trick-or-treating, make sure everyone has a full stomach. If you and your kids are hungry before you trick-or-treat, chances are you’ll end up snacking on candy the whole time.
    For spider sandwiches, cut whole wheat bread into circles for the spider’s body, fill it with peanut butter and jelly, stick pretzel sticks into the side of the bread for the spider’s legs, and two chocolate chips on top for the spider’s eyes. 
  • Veggie Skeleton: This quick-to-assemble snack can be turned into a fun game for the kids. Just ask them who can create the best skeleton and chances are, they’ll be eating the skeleton’s vegetable make-up during the process. Here’s an idea of what your veggie skeleton should look like.

3 Ways to Get Exercise on Halloween

We don’t want you and your family to stop at just eating healthier this Halloween. Try getting as much physical activity as possible, too. Here are some of our favorite ways to get the whole family moving on Halloween:

  • Plan Your Trick-or-Treating Route Ahead of Time: Start going for a walk around the block one week or so, before Halloween night. Why? It will get the kids excited about which houses put up the best Halloween decorations and stir up their imagination about what treats those houses will have to offer when they ring the doorbell. 

When the kids feel like they have an important game plan, they’ll be even more excited when they head out for trick-or-treating. Plus, you’ll get them in the habit of walking.

  • Make it a Competition: If the family is up for it, divide and conquer. Split up into teams and bet on who can trick-or-treat at the most houses. It may make your night longer, but the encouragement to walk further will be a reward for you and your kids. 

Keep track of how many houses you visit and at the end of the night, see who won. Everyone gets a prize just for going the extra mile.

  • Plan Games After Trick-or-Treating: Chances are the kids won’t be ready for bed once trick-or-treating is over. If the weather is nice, organize a game of Halloween-themed freeze tag or if you’ll be inside, a Halloween-themed game of “Simon Says.” Keeping them moving without having them go straight to their treat stash is a sure-fire way to keep Halloween healthy.

Eating healthy and getting exercise is important for children. We encourage fun ideas like the ones listed above, for every holiday you celebrate, to help fight childhood obesity and promote wellness.

Staying active is an important part of living healthy. And new research shows you don’t need to spend hours in a gym every day to benefit. Our guide explains why all movement matters and how you can easily work more physical activity into your daily routine.

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