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Dr. Shemisa Facilitates Help to Those in Need in Libya

October 19, 2011

On February 17th the people of Eastern Libya went out in a demonstration in the city of Benghazi demanding the same things we take for granted here, namely freedom of speech, freedom of expression and the right to elect their representatives. The tyrant regime of Mummar Quadafi answered back in a barrage of bullets. He bombarded the eastern cities by land, sea and air. The free world through the leadership of the United States, France and England and through a United Nations mandate prevented the massacre of the unarmed civilians there.

Dr. Othman Shemisa during trip to LibyaThe people of Libya revolted against that oppressive regime and demanded that Quadafi must step down and those who executed his orders to kill the people be brought to justice. Quadafi and his supporters along with mercenaries continued a land campaign of force against all the cities in Libya destroying property, killing and raping civilians and defying the call of the people and the world for him to step down. It is estimated that 50,000 people lost their lives to date. In a county of 5 million, that is 1 per 100 people killed. The citizens and the country needed help. A lot of help in every way economically, medically and militarily.

Calling on the people in the United States for help was what Libyan Americans started to do soon after the conflict started and as expected the Americans who are known for their generosity and empathy for others came through. We were able to secure monitary help through donations from masques, churches and institutions all over the USA. Here in Cleveland when I called on the hospitals and the health care organizations, Fairview Hospital with the help of CCF under the leadership of its president, Ms. Jan Murphy and Medwish under the directorship of Trish and Andres shipped a 40 x 40 foot container weighing 27,000 pounds of medical equipment and supplies to Western Libya through Tunisia and another a similar container is being prepared to be shipped the middle of this month to Eastern Libya. A third container is planned  by the end of the month.

Free Libya T-ShirtsI visited some of the first casualties of the peaceful demonstrations of February 17th in Quatar at the hospitals there. I saw a 16 year old young man who was shot in the heart who survived but was paralyzed on the right side and lost his ability to speak. He was so smart. He loved America. He knew all of names of the movie stars and had a stack of discs of American contemporary movies. We gave him a cap with the American flag and a designer American t-shirt. You should have seen the smile on his face. His roommate was a 16 year old paraplegic hit by a bullet in his back.

Presently,  I am working on trying to find way to help those innocent teenage casualties by bringing them here to the United States to receive the advanced state of art rehab that we have here in this country.


Dr. Othman Shemisa Ohio Medical GroupAbout Dr. Shemisa:

Dr. Shemisa is President of the Ohio Medical Group Division and is Board Certified in Family Medicine. His special interests are Infertility, Women's Health, Preventive Care, School & Sports Physicals. Dr. Shemisa sees patients of all ages in our Olmsted Falls office.