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Tips from Dr. Matt Schaeffer to Avoid Injuries During Workouts

October 21, 2011

Dr. Matthew Schaeffer is an Ohio Medical Group family physician specializing in Sports Medicine. Sports Medicine is the medical care to active individuals of all ages. Dr. Schaeffer treats patients who participate in youth sports, organized sports, weekend warriors and people of all ages who are physically active for general health and well being.

Prehabilitation is the concept of trying to prevent an injury by finding ways to incorporate exercises for strength and flexibility into an existing workout or physical activity plan.
There are two concepts for injury prevention: prehabilitation and a dynamic warm-up.

There are three main anatomic areas that are focused on during prehabilitation:

  • Shoulder/rotator cuff
  • Core & lower back
  • Hips

The reason these three anatomic areas are important to focus on is due to the amount of injuries that doctors encounter in patients. These three areas are often left out of traditional exercise routines and workout plans, but should be paid more attention to in order to prevent injury. While exercises for these areas are generally less glorious than others used in workouts, it is important to include them during a workout to avoid rehabilitation later on down the road.

The other concept for injury prevention is the dynamic warm-up. A dynamic warm up does not involve static stretches, but instead involves moving the body on different plains and ranges of motion. Dr. Matthew Schaeffer recommends you allocate 3-5 minutes in the beginning of a work out for dynamic exercises which can include: squats, high knees, lunges, running backwards and lateral shuffles. This will allow your body to be ready for exercise by elevating your heart rate, elevating your respiratory rate and beginning to sweat earlier in the workout. This is a great way to get your body warmed up and prevent various sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Dr. Matthew Schaeffer Ohio Medical GroupAbout Dr. Schaeffer:

Dr. Schaeffer is Board Certified in Family Medicine and he holds a Certificate of Additional Qualifications in Sports Medicine. His special interest is Sports Medicine. Dr. Schaeffer sees patients of all ages in our Elyria office.