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The 5 Most Common Sports Injuries

January 3, 2013

Every year, about 4 million people in the United States visit emergency rooms for sports-related injuries. If you are playing sports regularly, it is important that you practice good exercise habits and safety precautions to minimize your risk of injuries. Here are the 5 most common sports injuries:

1)  Ankle Sprain

top 5 sports injuriesAn ankle sprain refers to a torn or stretched ligament in the ankle, foot, or lower leg. It usually happens when you are running, jumping, and sliding. Protect yourself from sprains by taping vulnerable joints before playing sports and doing exercises that build ankle strength, such as standing on a balance board.

2)  Hamstring Strain

When you have a hamstring strain, it means that your hamstring muscle is torn or overstretched. This injury is common among people who play baseball and volleyball, and it can be prevented by doing hamstring curls and other exercises that can strengthen the hamstring muscle.

3)  Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear

ACL is the ligament that provides stability for the knee joint. It can be torn when you jump or change directions quickly, as in sports such as basketball, tennis, and soccer. ACL tear can be prevented by strengthening leg muscles with exercises such as one-legged hop and leg stretches and curls.

4)  Wrist Fracture

Wrist fracture is a break or crack in the wrist bones or lower arm bones, and it usually occurs in bicycling, inline skating, and other sports that involve using the hand to break fall. Remember to wear wrist guards when you are participating in these kinds of sports.

5)  Lower Back Pain

This injury refers to the straining of the lower back muscles. It is a common injury in sports that require you to rotate your back, such as tennis and golf. You can prevent lower back pain by learning proper ways to serve and tee-off, and doing exercises that improve overall body strength, such as push-ups.

If you need advice or treatment for sports injuries, do not hesitate to contact our doctors.

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