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Try to Stomach These Fun Facts About the Digestive System

May 16, 2019

digestive systemWithout our digestive systems, we wouldn’t be able to eat and supply our bodies with the vitamins and nutrients we need to turn into energy. Your digestive system is made up of four parts: the GI tract, liver, pancreas and gallbladder. And digestion begins the minute you take a bite of food or sip a drink. When food or drink enters your mouth, your chewing and saliva begin to break it down. After swallowing, the food mixes with digestive acid in our stomach and travels to our small intestine. This is where the smaller molecules of food are absorbed and transferred into our bloodstream. Waste products from digestion are passed into our large intestine and through our rectum as stool.

To be healthy, you need all of these functions to work properly. But there’s much more to this important system of organs than just the stomach and intestines. Let's look at five fun facts about the digestive system.

Five Fun Facts About the Digestive System

salivary glands

length of intestines

solid organs

digestive movement

intestinal gases

If you have more questions about your digestive system or another health issue you may be dealing with, talk to your doctor. Make an appointment today or visit our convenient care facility in Elyria. If you need help finding a physician that's right for you, our guide "Choosing a Primary Care Physician" can help. Finding a doctor does not have to be overwhelming.

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