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Try These Tasty Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

November 22, 2018


Leftovers are as much a part of Thanksgiving Day as family and football. After the dishes are done and the guests have gone home, you have a fridge full of lean, delicious turkey waiting to be made into healthy meals. You may also be looking for some leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipes to try.

Turkey is packed with protein, which makes it a healthy meat choice. Turkey breast has less fat and calories than most other cuts of meat. It also contains selenium, which is good for your thyroid gland and immune system.

Here are some leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipes that provide healthy and delicious ways to use up your extra turkey.

#1: Turkey Soup

If you kept the bones of your bird, you can even start your soup off with a homemade stock. Just like chicken, turkey makes a great addition to soup by adding lots of flavor and lean protein. Try this classic leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipe or any of the ones from this list.  

#2: Turkey Salad

Here’s a leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipe you may not have considered in the past.

Many restaurants actually substitute turkey meat in chicken salad, and you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference. Mix your leftover turkey up with a little mayonnaise or—if you want a lighter option—Greek yogurt. Add in grapes, celery and pecans for a little extra crunch.  

#3: Turkey Tacos

Tacos are almost always a crowd pleaser because they’re so easy to personalize. While you can just as easily sub in turkey for your favorite traditional taco recipe or try this leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipe your whole family can enjoy. You can also create a seasonal version topped with spicy cranberry salsa.  

#4: Turkey Sandwich

You have to include the classic turkey sandwich on your list of leftover thanksgiving turkey recipes. There are so many ways to make them, including a Thanksgiving-themed sandwich made by combining your turkey with other leftovers, like gravy or cranberry sauce. For inspiration, look to this turkey, brie and cranberry sandwich.  

#5: Turkey Casserole

You might not feel like doing much cooking in the wake of hosting Thanksgiving, but casseroles are an easy way to throw together a hot meal without having to stand over the stove. Try this classic turkey broccoli casserole or this lightened up version of turkey tetrazzini.   

#6: Turkey Lasagna

Our list of  leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipes is not complete just yet. If you still find yourself with leftover turkey but can’t stomach the idea of eating any more of it, you can always make a turkey lasagna to freeze for another day. This is another meal idea that’s easily customized to your family’s preferences, but you can even try a low-fat version or this “Ultimate Thanksgiving Lasagna” if you have a lot of leftovers to use up. 

Tell us: what’s your favorite healthy way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers? Share your tips and healthy eating recipes in the comments section below.  And for more holiday cooking inspiration you can download our “Holiday Inspired Cookbook.”

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