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How To Turn Your Picnic Into a Fourth of July Workout

July 2, 2019


How about working off your burgers and hot dogs by implementing a Fourth of July workout at your picnic this year? Independence Day is almost synonymous with cookouts and outdoor fun. However, rather than spending the whole cookout lounging in a patio chair, make this year’s celebration a tribute to staying healthy and active. 

By simply offering a few casual activities, your cookout guests can fit in a little exercise while still enjoying the relaxation of the day. Here are our six best ideas for adding some activity into your celebration and creating a Fourth of July workout.

1. Cornhole

This game doesn’t require a ton of skill or movement—your guests can even play while still holding a drink in one hand! However, it will get them up and on their feet, while adding a little friendly competition into your afternoon.

2. Freeze Tag

Help the adults at your party remember what it’s like to be kids with a throwback game of freeze tag. You’ll get everyone moving and probably have a lot of laughs in the process.

3. Bocce Ball

Sets of this classic game are relatively inexpensive and several people can play at once, so you can involve a fairly large group. All you need is space to throw and some willing participants.

4. Capture the Flag

Raise the stakes by playing teams of men vs. women or parents vs. kids. Feel free to go all out with handmade team uniforms and face paint.

5. Water Balloon Toss/Fight

There’s a chance the Fourth of July will be hot, so this is bound to be a crowd pleaser. You can keep it more tame with an organized toss to see which pair can successfully throw their balloon the farthest without breaking it or make it a free-for-all with a classic “every man for themselves” fight. Just remember to pick up your burst balloon remnants when you’re all done.

6. Scavenger Hunt

Hand each guest a Fourth of July Day-themed scavenger hunt when they arrive and award a prize to the first guest to spot all the items. You can get creative by incorporating items around your home as well as interesting facts about your guests. For instance, make “a left-handed guest” or “a PhD candidate” part of the list. Not only will your guests get up and moving, they’ll also get to know each other better.

By making a Fourth of July workout a part of your cookout, you can celebrate the holiday on an active note. Check out our summer safety survival guide to help you prepare for more fun summer activities.