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More Shocking Fast Food Statistics You Should Know

Posted by North Ohio Heart | Ohio Medical Group on Fri, Jul 15, 2016

Although the fresh food movement is picking up momentum through popular documentaries like Fed Up and Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, it wouldn’t have been unrealistic to believe the impact of fast food on our society has lessened. Unfortunately, fast food data in 2016 suggest this isn’t the case.

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Healthy Eating as a Family: A New Era of Fast Food

Posted by Erin Stewart Gadd on Thu, Jun 04, 2015

Our boys would live on air and crackers if given the opportunity.

I don’t know if it’s because the weather is finally nice, and  they don’t want to slow down long enough to feed, or what. I feel like I’m constantly dragging them by their ears back to the dinner table.

“Eat,” I say, trying to be heard above the protests. “It’s vegetable soup! It’s your favorite!”

At the ages of four and seven, however, what was their favorite food yesterday, could not possibly be their favorite food today. And they’re never hungry - NEVER! Until you ask them to do something they don’t want to do. Like go to bed. Or do homework. Then suddenly their hunger is so fierce they get lost for many minutes as they root through the pantry or refrigerator — as if they were secret passageways to freedom from all things boring.

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Fast Food, Heart Health and Impatience All Around

Posted by Deanna Kidd on Wed, Apr 28, 2010

A new study that will be detailed in a forthcoming issue of the journal Psychological Science talks about the connection between fast food and a life of impatience. It seems a bit like the chicken and the egg, or in this case, the chicken nuggets or the Egg McMuffin.

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