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What Your Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Should Look Like

July 10, 2018

Mediterranean-Diet.jpgThe Mediterranean Diet Pyramid is used to describe the Mediterranean Diet. The pyramid is designed to help you easily determine the types and quantities of food you should eat. It’s been proven to decrease the risk of heart disease because of the abundance of healthy foods it contains.

The Mediterranean Diets is based on the diets of people who lived in Greece, Crete and southern Italy during the early 1960's. During that time the incidence of chronic disease in the region was among the lowest in the world. Life expectancy was also among the highest.

Current scientific research is proving what has been suspected for many years: the Mediterranean diet, in conjunction with daily physical activity, is synonymous with good health. Use this Mediterranean Diet Pyramid as an easy reference to help guide you to good health. 


 You can also download our guide “5 Steps to Healthy Eating.” We’ll show you some ways to work more vegetables into your diet and how to read nutrition labels, as well as why it’s so important to drink water. You can even use it as your first step to converting to a Mediterranean Diet.

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